Echo: beneath the cataract lies a stain
7th – 28th of July 2018
Sutton Projects, Fitzroy

A Thousand Times the Rolling Sun
16th – 18th February 2018
curated by Gabriel Curtin
Beechworth H.M Prison, Victoria


An unorthodox flow of images
30 September – 12 November 2017
curated by Naomi Cass and Pippa Milne
Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy
Link to exhibition field guide

6 June – 25 June 2017
curated by Elizabeth Gower
Margaret Lawrence Gallery,
Victorian College of the Arts, Southbank

Travis Macdonald  Rudi Williams
3 June – 24 June 2017
Punk Cafe , Brunswick
Text by Giles Fielke

Caves Offsite at The Substation
24 March – 29 April 2017
curated by Storm Gold and Kez Hughes
The Substation, Newport


12 November – 3 December 2016
Level 6, The Nicholas Building, Melbourne
Written response to Echo from Jake Tracey
Written response to Echo from Michelle Mountain

4th/5th Artist Facilitated Biennial
19 August – 6 November 2016
curated by Christopher L G Hill
as a part of Endless Circulation:
Tarrawarra Museum of Art Biennial 2016
curated by Victoria Lynn and Helen Hughes / Discipline
Link to Endless Lonely Planet 5, published on the occasion of the 4th/5th Melbourne Artist Facilitated Biennial

shadow sites
1 April – 22 May 2016
curated by Samantha McCulloch and Frances Wilkinson
Center for Contemporary Photography and National Storage, Collingwood as a part of Next Wave Festival 2016

Beauty Resolve
26 April – 3 May 2016
The Alderman, Brunswick

Caves at Switchback
12 April – 17 May 2016
curated by Caves offsite
Switchback Gallery
Federation University, Churchill

Oracular Vernacular
3 February – 28 February 2016
curated by Jake Tracey
c3 contemporary art space, Abbotsford
Oracular Vernacular virtual catalogue 


Time Will Tell
22 July – 8 August 2015
curated by Talia Smith
Bus Projects, Collingwood

Last Picture Show
28 May –  June 2015
Fort Delta
, Melbourne

Times Relentless Melt Like Rain Through Karst
13 May – 7 June 2015
curated by Michelle Mountain
c3 contemporary art space, Abbotsford


29 October – 16 November 2014
c3 contemporary art space, Abbotsford

29 April – 9 May 2014
George Paton Gallery, Parkville