Acrylic, inkjet on acrylic,
unfixed photographic paper,
cinema calibration roll, postcard, stainless steel

Documented in
4th/5th Artist Facilitated Biennial
19 August – 6 November 2016
curated by Christopher L G Hill
as a part of Endless Circulation:
Tarrawarra Museum of Art Biennial 2016
curated by Victoria Lynn and Helen Hughes / Discipline


Christopher L G Hill
Nick Selenitsch
Lou Hubbard
Lewis Fidock
Endless Lonely Planet
Liam Osborne
Lisa Radford
Elizabeth Newman
Nicholas Tammens
Kate Meakin
George Egerton-Warburton
James Deutsher
Zac Segbedzi
Aurelia Guo
Rudi Williams
Alex Vivian
Lucina Lane
Lauren Burrow
Virginia Overell
Joshua Petherick
Laurel Doody
Tahi Moore
elp3 Vine